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"Holy shi-" He said, ducking under sniper fire for his head, then holding his rather large blade up infront of his face, blocking another shot. "Damnit!" He yelled, diving behind a tree as another shot graved his right arm, leaving behind red burn mark and searing pain creeping it's way to his fist, killing the strength in that arm. He pulled himself to his feet, dragging his sword along the ground in his weak right arm, hiding behind another boulder, three more rifle shots blazing past him.

He counted to three then grasped the sword with both hands, leaping into the air and landing ontop of the boulder, sliding down and zigzagging to two riflemen donned in black armor, missing every shot fired at him. He brought his sword up as another sniper shot rattled the blade and he slid along the ground, crouched before leaping into the air. (Here we go..) He flipped once in the air and spun before landing on the ground a few feet from the two men, the sword glowing with a purple fire as it embedded itself in the ground roughly, a large wave of energy sending out where he landed, knocking the men a few feet away. He moved his head to the right, dodging another sniper shot. He threw the sword as the men stood up, slicing through one and decapitating another before it shot back to his hand.

He knew what he was doing, and it was frowned upon, but he had to conceal his true nature from his companions. He ducked under another sniper shot and rolled behind a tree, taking a shot in the right arm again, incapacitating the arm completely, he let it lay limp on his side.
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