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Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
That's some pretty retarded logic. I said it's fine as it is. Therefor, there is no need for a restart. Because I said it was fine in its current form. Meaning there is no need for a restart. I don't see how saying it's fine means I want it restarted. Let's hope that was clear enough for you.
Well if that's what you meant you shouldn't confuse me by saying you only care about entertainment, not continuity. So you DO care, fine, I'll leave you alone then.

And I've said what I wanted to say, the Expanded Universe is fine as it is, debating is futile.
Perhaps for some of us... "fine" is an opinion based on taste after all. I think the fact that they need retcons at all indicates things are not all "fine" on the continuity end. This is just one more "radical" (but feasible) solution I propose, one that has been done in other franchises.

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