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Post uh noes teh r bean attacked!!!11

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
Im with the Phreak on this one

lolz...restarting EU... how is that possibly feasible or practical ?? Crazy!! Kurgz, Im sure you're registered at TFN - go say that there!! I'd love to read the tumult such an outragous theory would cause
While your caricature of what I said is actually fairly close to the truth (fair enough) I don't see what's so "crazy" or "impractical" about it. All you have to do is have Lucas issue a memo, the writers finish the book/series they're on and the EU restarts. Fresh stories from now on, meetings to insure minimized conflicts between writers, strategies for new serieses like normal, etc. You already have the Holocron to maintain continuity, they just now create a new database for the new stuff. Other franchises of have done it.

They can continue to sell the (now Infinities) old novels/comics/games, that's no problem. Star Trek has been selling non-canon stuff for almost forty years, doesn't seem to stop it from making money!

Obviously it'll piss off hardcore fans of the old continuity who still want their stuff to be canon, but oh well. They can thrown bones to them now and then with a character or a story inspired by something in the old. A wink and a nod and a smile works wonders at attracting old fans to the new stuff. Look at the new TMNT, or Battlestar Galactica, or Doctor Who (though this one is probably a bad example because it's technically still part of the same continuity, not a restart or re-imagining, but still). If the new direction it goes in sucks, it'll hurt the franchise. But if it's good it could be the best shot in the arm the EU has gotten in a long time, one that's sorely needed in my opinion. I mean maybe they are getting drastic. Why else would they start this NJO thing, and then cut it short and start a new series set in the far flung future?

Realistically though I'm betting a solution like this won't be tried unless Lucas determines that they're losing their customer base and get desperate to increase sales. If the TV series projects flop that might be something they will be more inclined to do. Star Wars is such a cash cow they may be able to "do no wrong" but now that the prequels are over (and all but the last one didn't seem that great overall) they may feel it's necessary. I can only hope (and continue to piss off people by sharing my opinion, oh well!).

But, at the end of it all what it comes down to is, I enjoy reading/watching/playing SW EU. I think Ive been exposed to much of what been put out(exc. recent comix ) and still look forward to spending more time in this universe, inconsistencies 'n' all

I enjoy it as well. But I laugh and shake my head when I come across people claiming there ARE NO INCONSISTENCIES and that I must be some kind of looney obsessed fan if I don't agree with them. If you can enjoy it even with inconsistencies, MORE power to ya, but it often occurs that the people most upset are the ones willing to spend time trying to explain them all away. At least a streamlining of the expanded universe might help towards diminishing the inconsistencies. Anyway, you guys need not worry, I'm not in charge of Lucas Liscensing or anybody at the ranch. Unlike SuperShadow (cough, bs, cough) I don't have a personal relationship with The Flannelled One (tm) so your EU is safe.... for now.

Edit: and judging by the number of typos I'm running off, it must be time for me to get off the computer and get to bed! G'night folks...

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