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Originally Posted by Elukka
I don't think it's really that amazing. Pretty good, yeah, but if you are the dominant government in the galaxy who's gonna challenge you in a full scale war?
Exactly. If the Republic benefits everyone, then what is the reason to attack it? The Sith were the major contenders against the Republic before Ruusan, and with the Sith gone, there was no longer any major opposition to the Government.

Granted, small scale wars, like the Stark Hyperspace War, did occur, but there was never any need to call upon a Republican army, as the Jedi did just fine.

It was only after the Republic started to decay, and other governments/organizations felt slandered and abandoned, that the Republic truely needed an army to combat another.

That also brings up another point:

What organization/government would have the support of a large-scale army when the Republic benefitted everyone, right up until its fall? It just doesn't seem sound... 100,000+ Planets > 1 Government/Organization.

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