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Originally Posted by machievelli
In my reply I mentioned zip training in biochemistry etc.

Did I mention I am a military historian and I know a lot about chemical warfare?
I figured you knew something about military since you knew what caliber ammunition goes with what gun. I'm assuming your specialty is likely 20th c. wars then with chem warfare? If you know a lot of chem warfare, biochem's not too far away from your current knowledge.

I like social history better myself, but I've picked up some history of medicine and science (and dabbled in a few other areas) to go along with all the science I did before and during prof. school. I'd probably go back and finish a PhD in history if I were independently wealthy, just because I'm a school junkie. I was in college way, way too long.

I PMd stingerhs about doing a resource/tech advisor thread, and he's looking into that.

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