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Our glorious Emperor Palpatine is too intelligent to allow himself to face the same betrayal that allowed Darth Plagueis the Wise to fall. He would never suffer upstart self-taught so-called Sith who might attempt to usurp his throne. I know very little about the Emperor's Hands, since information on them is of course exceedingly hard to come by, but I do know that they are Force-sensitive yet hardly well-trained enough to be considered Dark Jedi. They are merely the Emperor's servants, and they are the only Force-users allowed to exist. They are cloaked in such rumor and shadow that I find it hard to believe you would openly admit your blasphemous meddling with Jedi artifacts. If you ask me, you are going to meet the Emperor rather more quickly than you would have otherwise liked, and in very different circumstances than you might wish for...

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