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(Apologies for reviving a 3 week old thread)

I have to defend Staff Saberist and any staff saberist in general. If you're a experienced saberist of any type (especially single) and you are open minded and a overall friendly and nice person (some players like to argue the point that anything but what they use is noobish), then staff and duals tend to be, in my experience, a great addition to your current saber skills.

For me I'm proficient with single saber and decent on staff. I've found that my love of yellow single stance complements and even helps me when I do need to rely on the staff saber for a duel or a match.

IMO, there's exploits, but there's always been exploints in the JK series of games. The expliots in JKA are mainly with saber/melee combat. Exploits can be annoying (like spam), but can help balance out your gameplay and your style of combat when you face opponents on the battlefield.

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