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Originally Posted by wedge2211
I know very little about the Emperor's Hands, since information on them is of course exceedingly hard to come by, but I do know that they are Force-sensitive yet hardly well-trained enough to be considered Dark Jedi. They are merely the Emperor's servants, and they are the only Force-users allowed to exist.
That sounds an awfull lot like a rebel lie. You seem to think that knowledge is restricted in the Empire, while the opposite is true. You also seem to think that the Empire will kill people simply because the posses knowledge of the Force. While in fact they are given special education on how to expand their knowledge of the Force. As stated before, the Empire is about giving people proper education, not restricting knowledge. I have already informed the Emperor about your lack off proper education and your confession regarding your lack of proper education.

Originally Posted by wedge2211
If you ask me, you are going to meet the Emperor rather more quickly than you would have otherwise liked, and in very different circumstances than you might wish for...
You are right about that, but don't really like bringing new to the emperor that some people are still believing the rebel lies. And I wasn't going to see the Emperor anytime soon, but the fact that rebel lies are still spread requires immediate action from the highest level of command.
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