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Now, seem to be awfully jumpy to murder lawful Imperial citizens, "Jedi." Of course knowledge about the Emperor's Hands is restricted--they would not be able to do their jobs effectively if that were not the case. Many national security and intelligence agencies throughout history have kept secrets from the public. Unlike you, I am secure in this knowledge, because it means that I will be a safer citizen. I have recieved an extensive education, but I have little knowledge about the Emperor's Hands...which will allow them to protect me to the best of their ability when a power-hungry "Jedi" like yourself attempts to disrupt the natural order of the Sith, as embodied by the single master--the Emperor--and his solitary apprentice--Lord Vader. A third Sith would certainly pose a threat to the stability of our Empire and would need to be elimenated to preserve the security of the Galaxy.

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