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There is no knowledge being hidden by the Empire. There must be some rebel posing as an Imperial Education Officer that told you these rebel lies. In fact we already know who this is and the proper authorities have already been informed and the people are being brought in even as we speak. You also assume I was going to murder you, but the Empire doesn't murder people and never once have I said I would. Even more rebel lies. The Empire educates people, we don't kill them. Off course the fact that you claim to be only a citizen is more than enough to demonstrate your lack of true idealism. If you were an idealist you would have joined the Imperial Armed Forces instead. You really should be given proper education.

Even more evidence to support this is that you claim that the natural order of theSith is 1 master and 1 apprentice. This is not true, otherwise there would never have been a Sith Academy on Korriban. Even so one my former apprentices, Darth Malak, had several apprentices himself. It is now a proper moment to reveal my true identity.

Yes indeed, Lord Darth Revan has returned.
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