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"I can't." He said, looking at her face, "If I could I would ... but my gauntlets aren't like the one's I gave Jasra." He frowned in thought for a moment. "They're a part of me ... they have been for a long time. The metal eats away at the skin in my hands, bonds with the bone itself. It's why I never take them off, it's why I was suprised ... when we were in that place and I didn't have them." He considered for a moment.

"But I can remove the powercell." he turned one hand up and used the other to open a little hatch, and popped out a power cell, and then did the same witht he other. "It makes it hard to move them much at all, but I will suffer through that to prove that I am not here to fight Revan again." He nodded to this. "Revan paid for his crimes in my mind, and that is all that matters to me."

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