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Standing next to Karda and Master Verga before the Jedi Council in the Enclave on Dantooine, Jasra shifted uncomfortably. She wasn’t used to her new ‘Jedi wardrobe’, and having accomplished Jedi Masters staring at her while she tried to shield her thoughts didn’t help her comfort level any either.

There were five chairs in the Enclave’s Council Chamber, four of them filled, one of them empty. Jasra had asked Karda on their way there who the Council consisted of, and here she saw the faces of the Jedi Masters for the first time: Farenbrae Del, a Twi’Lek; Visas Marr, a Miraluka; Tarlec Kintela, a Corellian human; Prilia Hertlsh, an Ithorian. Bastila Shan, the only member of this Council she would have recognised, was conspicuously missing.

“Karda Jal-Ordo,” said Visas Marr. “As you know, the Order is in the midst of rebuilding itself. Barely one hundred Jedi remain, so every one of us is important if the Order is to survive. For this reason, we have sent one of our own on a mission to seek out Force Sensitives in the outer reaches of the Galaxy, in an effort to try and recruit them to join the Order and train as Jedi. Master Verga, you have been instrumental in recovering some of the Padawans the Order sent away for protection during Darth Nihilus’ purges. And two of your most successful cases stand before us now.”

Jasra swallowed hard. She was a successful case? Oh, if they only knew….

“Thank you, Master,” Verga said, bowing slightly. “I appreciate the compliment.”

“Instructing the young is a difficult task,” said Master Del, “but even more so when their regimen is interrupted.” He gave Jasra a hard stare. “Especially when they are exposed to corrupting influences,” he added.

Jasra cocked an eyebrow at him, but said nothing.

“And overcoming those influences is a sign of a strength,” Visas said. “Turning from the Dark Side is no easy task. One must be constantly vigilant against giving into the lure of easy power. Don’t you agree, Jasra?”

Jasra bristled. Were they testing her? “Power is never easy to wield, Master,” she answered. “No matter where it originates from.”

“I am glad you have learned your lessons well, Padawan,” said the Ithorian Master Hertlsh in heavily accented Basic. “For you will need such wisdom for the mission we are sending you on.”

“Perhaps we should just get to the point,” said Master Kintela, with all the brashness of a typically Corellian. “We believe that Master Shan has been kidnapped while bringing back some Force Sensitive candidates for Jedi training.”

“Kidnapped?” Karda asked. “By whom?”

“We don’t know,” said Visas. “The Council has sensed a Darkness falling across the Galaxy. We are unable to detect its origin, but we believe that Master Shan’s disappearance is related to it in someway.”

“Your mission, Karda, is to find Bastila and the Padawan candidates,” said Master Kintela. “A Republic scout ship is being dispatched from Coruscant. It will arrive tomorrow morning. Padawan Lantill will accompany you.”

“And upon your return, Karda,” Master Del added, “you will be awarded the rank of Master. And, this mission will also be considered part of Padawan Lantill’s trials for Knighthood.”

“Go and prepare yourselves,” said Visas. “Good luck, and may the Force be with you.”

“Thank you, Masters,” Karda said, bowing and nudging Jasra to do the same. “We will not fail you.”


Jasra and Karda walked down the corridor to the dormitory section of the Enclave.

“Kira knows Bastila, right?” Jasra asked. “Surely she’d help us with this.”

“This is Jedi business,” said Karda. “And Kira is not a Jedi.”

“Yeah, but she used to be. She’d help us. Just hope she’s on Nar Shaddaa like she was bef….”

“We are not going to Nar Shaddaa,” said Karda, holding up his datapad. “Bastila’s last known co-ordinates are nowhere near it.”

“But we have to go to Nar Shaddaa!” Jasra said, stopping him in the corridor. “That’s where the others will be!”

“The others?” He gave Jasra a stern look. “Get this through your head. What we ‘remember’--the Shards, Kira, Revan, The Doctor…” He sneered with disdain. “That blue Omwati beast…. It never happened. And it won’t happen. You’re a Jedi now, not some untrained, undisciplined, bounty hunting scum. A Jedi. You have a responsibility to uphold to the Order.”

“The Force brought us all together for a reason, and I have a responsibility to get back to them,” Jasra said. “And so do you!”

“It! Never! Happened!” Karda stared directly into Jasra’s eyes. “I’m in charge of this mission, and if you don’t want me to refer you Master Verga for some more ‘guided meditation’ to ‘recondition’ your thoughts, you’ll do as I say. Understood, Padawan?

Jasra glared at him. She desperately wanted to find Brax. And the others. Besides, she reasoned, they might be able to help them in their search for Bastila. But if she wasn’t allowed to go on the mission, she would never get to Nar Shaddaa.

“Understood,” she said reluctantly.

“Now go and prepare for the journey,” Karda said, pointing at a door that Jasra understood to be the door to her room. “We leave first thing in the morning.”

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