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"What's going on?"
A fairly short young woman with shoulder length blonde hair wearing blue jeans and a purple shirt braced herself against a large console in the middle of the room as the entire ship shook.
"I don't know!" answered the man with her, as he pushed buttons and tapped keys on the console. "This can't be right!"
"What is it?" she asked, coming up beside him.
"Something's sending ripples through Time!" he said as the ship shook again. "We;re being knocked off course!"
"Well can't you do something?" she asked, pushing her hair out of her eyes.
"No!" he said, pulling a lever and cathching her as she almost fell to the floor. "The TIme Vortex isn't stable! I can't control our flight!"
"Where are we headed?"
The man smiled widely. "I don't know," he said. He looked up at her. "Sounds kind of exciting, doesn't it?"

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