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Annoying Leak Message?

Radiant is saying I have a leak, but I'm completely sure that the map is completely closed in. The red line that Radiant makes is going from a random light entity near my only spawn point (it's a SP map) and it's going to the ceiling of the map, which I made a sky shader. I checked around the map but I didn't find any entities that were in the void (those that I did find I had already deleted).

What's going on? I'm quite annoyed...

Also, is there a limit to how many things can be linked to a trigger? I had a few triggers that didn't work, and I had a bunch of things linked to them. I fixed it now (I hope, can't test it because of the leak) so I doubt it will be a problem again, but it's still good to know.

Thirdly, since I'm posting now anyway and I might as well ask while I'm here, the waypoints that I make NPCs follow don't seem to work. I have a trigger_once linked to the NPC, the NPC to a waypoint, that waypoint to another waypoint, and that last waypoint linked to the point_combat. The NPCs dont move at all.

Thanks in advance.
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