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Angry RE: Internet Explorer Freezes

Hello all!

Well, my browser is consistently freezing now!

I have made lucasforums allowable in my browser options, so hopefully that fixes the problem. Although I must admit that I don't know why IE is causing this problem, as I have been using IE 6.0 as my browser since I joined this site. Only in the last week has this been happening to me, and my posting habits and frequency of posts has not changed:

- So, I am doing everything EXACTLY the same as I did 2 weeks ago - there were no problems then, so why now? Did the conversion to Firefox happen here this week? Because if not, then I don't see where the problem lies... it don't add up, and I don't like things that don't add up!

Anyways, I have read the posts here, does anyone have more info?

- DM.005
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