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Hi Im back well not like l went anywere but anyway l was reading all of the replies well it took a while but can please not over react and start fighting over that dosen't even exsist anyway l know were going back quite a bit but Coraan Talme those x-wings well Im not offensive to the empire but those x-wings that were bulky and have shields those fighters were about be used by our pilots but before we could use them rebels took the plans so then we used tie fighters alot more often.But your right they sneak around there like mice once a person comes out boom there in there holes like one squadron of tie-fighters come through two nebula feilds and there is two squardrons of x-wings and what do the x-wings do go strait into the nebula feilds then wait until the tie-fighters pass by so they can sneak right bihind the tie-fighters they make shore the tie-fighters can't see them then bang they start firing and aswell and dosn't matter how well defended a base is they still attack but rebels only go to weak defenses l rest my case for now.

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