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Originally Posted by DarthMaul v.1/2
Well, my browser is consistently freezing now!
I don't know why IE is causing this problem, as I have been using IE 6.0 as my browser since I joined this site. Only in the last week has this been happening to me, and my posting habits and frequency of posts has not changed:
- So, I am doing everything EXACTLY the same as I did 2 weeks ago - there were no problems then, so why now?
I would guess it's because the Ad banners have been changed recently by the advertising companies. Some of those banners are more like malware than commercials, interfering with the operation of the site with some browsers.

(In general terms such problems aren't just confined to IE, though it seems to be the case at this site. I remember a few other sites I've been visiting where the banner ads were getting Firefox on its knees, slowing down the whole computer to a crawl while they were displayed. After I AdBlocked those banners things returned to normal.)

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