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Originally Posted by Darth333
If a bunch of code appears when you left click the link, it's due to your browser settings. You can either change your settings or right click the link and select "save as" instead. It should work.
Thank you Darth333. Your direction helped.

I have found with Safari that, very oddly, one needs to right click (cmd click) on the browser page that opens after the download button for a .rar file has been clicked on the pcgamemods site.

Forgive my verbosity, but this was an interesting discovery for me. As I learn more, I'll probably look back on this shamefully.

In any case, if another Mac user has trouble with a .rar download, this post might help. This is what happened. I clicked the link (download button) on the pcgamemods site, and the new browser window with all that code opened. Frustrated, I clicked the back button and found the download button now read "downloading." Hmm, that's weird, I thought; well what if the browser page is the download in the case of .rar's. So, in mere futile experimentation I command-clicked the browser page. As usually occurs when I do this, the system asked me if I'd like to download the page. Why not, I figured, the least that will happen is I'll have a Safari page to place in the trash. However, insterad of a Safari page, I found a .rar package on my desktop. This was then decompressed hitchlessly with macPAR deluxe (thanks for the suggestion, DECKWRECK).

Well, that didn't hurt too much.
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