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An Anticipated Star Wars Celebration IV?

I am hoping there is one for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in 2007. I didn't see a thread about this topic so I thought I would start one. Rumors have been flying around the internet about cities to host from Indianapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Fransico and now the big one on is Los Angelos at their Convention Center. a contributor named Dustin who is running for Official Star Wars fan club president named LA. Convention Center in May 23-27, 2007 for Celebration IV. It doesn't seem logical since Denver and Indy hosted it for CI, CII, and CIII. Steve Sansweet in charge of Fan Relations said centrality was key to picky a Celebration last year. Plus many of the members called LA convention center and said their representative had a lucasfilm starwars event down for those dates. Lucasfilm does not allow organizations to leak information before they finalize it is what I am told. I am assuming they were told to give false claims to throw off fans because many have been wondering when the next Celebration is. Several Star Wars fans claimed other city Convention Centers were making similar claims. They said we should find out at the end of May where and when it is being held. I for one want it back in Indy due to convience and easy acess plus I live a hour from Indy. What do you guys think?

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