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"Brax?" Kira said, catching the Omwati as he fell forward. "Brax!!"
He couldn't hear her. He had blacked out.
She grimaced as she hauled him up, pulling one of his arms over her shoulders. As much as she distrusted him, she couldn't let him bleed to death right before her eyes. Besides, if she ever met up with Jasra again...
Mical!! she called, touching his mind. We have another patient for you, get your butt out here!!

"I haven't a clue what's wrong with him." Disciple said, flitting around the unconcious alien. "He's the first Omwati I've ever seen, let alone been able to study. Their make-up is different from ours...though I've managed to stop the bleeding for now. Hopefully he'll regain some form of conciousness so he could explain what's wrong and what needs to be done."

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