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Marshall Taylor began pressing bottens in the console in front of him. He was doing what he does to prep the ship for departure. As he did this the briefing replayed in his head. It took place in a briefing room in the senate building for a change. As far as briefing rooms go, it was pretty fancy; comfortable seating, a holo-projector that didn't make a funny crackling sounds after 10 tens of use and the hologram didn't flicker either, the man who was speaking clear Galactic Basic, nothing like the Republics Piolt base briefing room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. You have been requested to join us for an important mission. We are pleased to see that you have all turned up..."the mission commander started. He was an old but tough bloke. He was fully dressed in military clothing, he had grey hair with a black streak at the back, he was also wearing an eye patch and it was ovious that his left hand was fake.
[/I]We didn't have a choice. I was drugged and woke up here.[I] thought Marshall.
The mission commander continued "Lately, an important jedi knight that is a key figure in the Jedi Order restoration program has gone mission. We are were to aid the two jedi in any means possible. You will be using an new class ship. The ship itself is very fast, has the best and up to date shielding technoigly and sensor array in our whole fleet. The ships name is the Dreadless and will be captain by the jedi that is head of the mision, but until then matters will be controlled by Captain Ford. You shall follow his commands even when the jedi take lead. Mr.Taylor will be the piolt of the ship..." This was the part where Taylor lost concentration. All he needed to know is that they were heading to Dantooine and then to some undisclosed location

After getting everything ready, Marshall spoke into the microphone, witch send a message to the space docks where the Dreadless was position.
"Dreadless requesting permission to undock." Marshall waiting for a few seconds until there was a reply
"Permission granted". He docked the ship and waited until the captain gave the order to enter hyperspace. As soon as Captain Ford said "Go", the Dreadless left hyperspace and toward Dantooine.

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