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You guys be careful, those energy drinks can be dangerous! Especially if you're trying to quench your thirst in the summer heat (athletes and workers beware). Caffiene (like alcohol) acts as a diuretic, which means you can even DIE if you're not careful. Not that this will happen to you, but just watch it. I know some student athletes have died from heat stroke/dehydration, though I don't know if caffenated beverages were involved, it can't help in any case. It doesn't help that some of them are marketed as "stay up all night long/perform better" which is complete crap.

When I worked for Dr. Pepper I got to sample all the different ones they had (most tasted horrible, but one or two were decent). The extra caffiene gives me a major headache though when it wears off.

Anyway, not to preach, but I've been there man! Especially if you have it on an empty stomach (arggh) first thing in the morning before taking a brisk walk across town. Your heart is racing, your sweat drying up. The problem is with hot coffee you sip it, so I guess you get the caffiene more slowly rather than all at once in a big gulp of sugar.

Ah it'll be great when finals are over and I'll have time for games again...

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