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The room was dark, the ceiling made of stars, two creatures lay on a bed, curled togethor, one a blue skinned male sentient, the other a pink skinned female sentient. Omwati and Human.

"Jasra," Brax whispered softly, the feel of her warm body close to his bringing a smile to his face. "To bad this is just a dream." he whispered, caressing fingers through her hair gently. Not knowing that his unconcious mind had reached out searching for hers, and her own thoughts of seeking him had connected the two of them, sharing a dream.

"Where are you Jasra?" He asked, peering at her face, "Something seem ... different, wrong about this universe, I can't put my finger on it, but ... I have a bad feeling." He smiled, "Don't worry about responding, I know you're just in my head."

Mical paused a moment, looking at the monitor attached to Brax, the ship showed that he had four hearts ... and two of them had suddenly started beating extremely fast ... his blood pumping rapidly through his veins. He cried out in his sleep ... clutching his chest with his claws, gouging deep red stains into his chest ... Those gauntlets are dangerous. Thought Mical, and approached ... he managed to restrain Brax, and then started looking at the gauntlets. After a short while he called in T3, and togethor the two of them deviced a way to remove them ... and shortly there after Brax's hands were free of the gauntlets ... the skin was worn off almost completely ... muscle and bone shown through in places.

There is no Peace. There is Anger.
There is no Fear. There is Power.
There is no Death. There is Immortality.
There is no Weakness. There is the Dark Side.

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