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"Damn.." He said to himself, tucking his arm behind him and using his other arm to put his blade on the ground and prop himself up. He managed to grab the sword and sheath it in the knotted sheath on his back before a sniper shot tore through the tree and struck him in the small of the back. It was a weak shot due to the decreased force of the tree, but it still knocked him down.

He landed roughly and rolled to the left, behind that same rock as two other shots flew past. He could hear cursing and a few clicking sounds. Bingo. He spun away from the rock and sprinted towards him. The speed of his sprint was faster than normal, and it was needed for the difficulty of this bout. He leapt into the air as the man loaded his rifle and aimed it at him. He managed to land on his head with his right foot, balancing for a few seconds before the force of the landing knocked the man to his feet. Ty backflipped off and landed on the ground gracefully, snatching up his rifle and walking towards him, the butt of the rifle under his right armpit. He kicked the man over to face upwards as the man coughed a little.

He brought the sniper's barrel to the man's forehead and pulled the trigger. He turned his head as the shot burnt a rather large hole in the man's forehead and left a scorch mark on the ground behind it, killing the man instantly. He slid the rifle around his shoulder and lifted his left arm, the feeling in it starting to come back.
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