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"Well sorry if my conscience couldn't handle all the killing that you were having me do." Atton said, pushing the Jedi back. "I was only one Jedi-hunter of how many? Quarter of a million? Half?? And I alone killed more Jedi than I could even have known existed! And guess what, while you prance around calling yourself the 'savior of the galaxy' all those Jedi are dead because of your orders. You killed those Jedi, not me."
He advanced on him again, his fist clenched and arm tensed, as if ready to slug Revan. "Besides, you loved her, Revan! I hardly even knew who the hell she was. From what I hear, you two grew up together, were best of friends. You can't just take back what you've lost, especially after it's been found by someone el--"
"That's enough, Atton." Kira said sternly, stepping between the two men.
The pilot looked astonished for a moment, but his expression quickly deteriorated into one of subdued anger again. He pushed roughly past her, being sure to 'accidentally' throw Revan against a wall as he passed.
"Let him go, Rev." she said, touching him on the shoulder as he turned to follow Atton.

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