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“Brax….” Jasra whispered, as she tightened grip around Brax’s arm. “I missed you.” She was dreaming. She must be. Yet she could feel his caresses, breathe in his scent, taste the salty flavour of his skin as she pressed her lips against his neck in a gentle kiss and then nestled in closer to the intense heat of his body. It was a dream, but it was so real.

There was no need for words, but then Brax spoke.

"Where are you Jasra?" he asked, peering at her face. "Something seems ... different, wrong about this universe. I can't put my finger on it, but ... I have a bad feeling." He smiled, "Don't worry about responding, I know you're just in my head."

“I’m right here,” she said, then Jasra took pause. Bad feeling? What bad feeling? This was her dream, wasn’t it? There were no bad feelings allowed in blissful dreams, were there? Unless…

“Brax, we’re in each other’s heads,” she said quietly. “A shared dream, brought about through the Force. Through our bond.” Her eyes sought his, and for a moment, words failed her. “My physical connection with the Force is stronger now,” she eventually said to him. “You taught me well….” She traced a finger slowly across his brow, then down his cheek, coming to rest lightly on his lips. “…but so have the Jedi.” She frowned slightly. “The Force brought us together. And the Force will lead me back to you.”

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