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"What?" He frowned peering at her face, kissing the tips of her fingers lightly, she felt real. She tasted real, was she right? Was this not 'just a dream?'.

"If you're right then we need to find each other Jasra," he whispered. "I need you ... " for some reason she could tell he put greater significnace on this than simply that way in which lovers need each other. She could sense a physical pain growing in him. "I'm on Nar Shaddaa, but I will come to wherever you are Jasra." He nodded slowly, and then grimaced, she could feel something wet where her hand lay upon his chest.

Blood, he was bleeding badly, he coughed and blood splattered his lips as well. "I love you." He whispered, and then screamed ... and the ddream ended. She was back in her bed.

And he was back in the infermary, screaming ... muscles tensed and struggeling to break free of his bonds. A cry of anguish and pain filling the whole of the ebon hawk. But inside his pain was easing, a bit ... it wasn't gone completely but he settled into place, waiting for Mical to get here.

There is no Peace. There is Anger.
There is no Fear. There is Power.
There is no Death. There is Immortality.
There is no Weakness. There is the Dark Side.

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