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A dark grinding sound filled the Ebon Hawk, and the TARDIS materialised in the middle of the main room. It looked at least 50 years older than the last time they had seen it, with dirt and grime plastered over the windows. The light on the top no longer worked.
The door opened, and the Doctor stepped out, closing it sharply behind him.
Atton stood in the doorframe, leaning against it casually. "About time, Doc," he said, smirking slightly. "Disciple needs you. Brax is in the-"
"I have no time to deal with a worthless creature such as Brax," he spat. "I must speak with Kira. There is much to be discussed."
"She won't say a word to you until you help," he said dryly. "She's difficult that way."
A disgusted look on his face, he turned to the hallway, and entered the infirmery. Brax was screaming in pain, writhing on the table.
"Silence, beast," said the Doctor, glaring down at him. He administered a vial of sickly green liquid, injecting it into Brax's neck. He fell silent, his limbs going limp. "Omwati posess multiple redundant organs," he said. "Four hearts, three lungs, two livers, and 26 ribs. He'll be fine in a matter of hours."
"What... all you did was knock him out!"
"There's no point wasting resources attempting to repair the damage done," he said, standing. "It would be more efficient to allow his redunant systems to take over."
"But... can't you do something else for him?"
"I could. But it would be a waste of time."
"If you want to do something more for him, then do it yourself," he spat, moving past him. "I must speak to Kira and Revan. Come."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Where are we going?"
"But... we have absolutely no idea where we are!"
"Yes, and that's why we're going exploring. Come along, Rose."
He opened to door, and stepped out into the sunlight next to a fairly large lake, a domed building off in the near distance."
"Hold on..." he said, spinning around. "Yes... yes, it is!"
"That's the first time a random materialisation has landed me in a decent place!"
"Where are we?"
"It's a small planet in the, uhm... I believe it's registered as Galaxy 113-68. It's called Naboo."
"Naboo?" she asked, coming up beside him. "Sounds... Indian."
"Well, there are some basic similarities between both cultures. Food styles are particularly similar. The Naboo and the people of India both enjoy similar spices - as a matter of fact, there is a spice here called retila, which happens to be very similar to curry. Though it's not available in the same way - here, you must harvest it yourself, as the market does not sell it. Now, India: that's where you'd want to buy curry. Not in Europe, where it's artificially grown, or shipped in. Actually, there's a incredible curry shop in central Delhi, where you can get a pound of curry for less than 50 rupees. Best price in the country, as far as I know." He looked around for a moment. "Right, now where was I?"
"Right. Come along, Rose," he said impatiently. "Now that we know where we are, I believe the next step would be to determine when we are."

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