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I figure that they have a little while until the clones receive order sixty-six. A game about order sixty-six would be really cool, but it might be a bit too contraversial. So, say they make another campaign or two on Kashyyyk. Each mission isn't that long when you think about it. The travel and time between each misssion might be long, but I'd say that each campaign would take less than a week, maybe. Unless the times when the drop-ship picks them up and delta squad is riding takes more than a couple of days.

So there is one or two campaigns on Kashyyyk. Then maybe before order sixty-six, they are sent to somewhere like Mygeeto. There could be a campaign or two there also. Therefore, the sequal doensn't have to have anything to do with order sixty-six. They could maybe even be sent to another planet.

I'd be also fine with just and expansion pack. They missed out a lot between Clone Wars: Zero Hour and the invasion of Kashyyyk. They could have been sent to Cato Nemoidia or Utapau, places like that.

Btw, I think that they should find Sev. He was cool.

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