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If Yoda could tell Luke the future was always in motion, I figured Jolee could do that, too.

@Pottsie--one of my (many) favorite lines in "The Incredibles" (which is one of the few movies outside of the SW series that I've seen more than once in theaters) is when Mr. Incredible tells the kids, "We'll get there when we get there."
Of course, I liked _everything_ that E had to say, especially when she's showing off the new super-suits to Elastigirl. "Virtually indestructible--" (as missiles and fire are shot at Elastigirl's new Super-suit, E watches with a sick glee as everything blows up) "--yet breathes like Egyptian cotton." That is so my sense of humor.

I wasn't happy with Ch. 15. The emergency scene was a little too tame and blah, and after debating whether to add a bunch of potentially confusing med terms but also add more excitement, I decided to go for it. I reworked it quite a bit, and it's definitely longer but more detailed. Hopefully it captures more of the urgency that happens during a trauma.
The show ER is quite accurate in portrayals of emergencies, btw, except for the annoying spinning camera thing that starts to make my head hurt after a while. Makes me want to reach out for the camera man and say 'Hold still, for heaven's sake!'

From MST3K's spoof of "Hercules Unchained"--heard as Roman medic soldiers carry off an unconscious Greek Hercules on a 1950's Army green canvas stretcher: "Hi, we're IX-I-I. Did somebody dial IX-I-I?"

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