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“Clever boy,” Zev said in a low whispery sort of voice. “Foolish, but clever.”

As Tacit made a lunge forward. With lightning quick reactions, Zev leaped upwards, grabbed hold of a low hanging tree branch, and then rode it down to the ground before releasing it directly in Tacit’s path.

Unprepared for such an assault, the branch hit Tacit squarely in the chest, sending him flying backwards to the ground to lie on his back.

In an instant, a foot settled on the wrist holding his weapon, followed by a knee in his gut, essentially knocking the breath from him.

“I’ve no wish to harm you, Tacit,” Zev said, straddling over him as Tacit struggled to regain his breath. “But you left me no choice. A word of advice: before one attacks, it is wise to assess whether they are friend or foe.”

Zev released him, and moved back a few paces. “Someone approaches. Clumsy, and noisily, and afraid of the darkness. Beware.”

And with that, Zev stealthily disappeared into the dark forest, leaving little trace that they were ever there.

Veni, Vidi, Velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around)

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