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Chapter 2

The Iron Fist

About an hour after their journey began, Jaden Korr left the bridge of the Star Destroyer. She was confident that, by now, everyone onboard had learned of Tavion's death and knew that she was now in charge.

She decided to go to Tavion's quarters, to see what was there. She had not selected a room for herself yet, and she deemed it fitting to take the room of the woman she had killed. Jaden had taken everything else from her; the Sceptor, her rank among the Sith, and of course, her life. And Jaden would now claim the very last thing that had belonged to Tavion as her own.

She found Tavion's quarters a couple of decks below the bridge. The door was locked, but she simply took out her lightsaber and sliced the lock. The door opened istantly, as if realizing that she was the new occupant to the room and didn't want to cross her. She smiled smugly, and went inside. She rested the Sceptor against the wall, then proceeded to explore the room.

She glanced about, and began to look over Tavion's belongings. A trunk full of clothes sat against the wall beside the bunk. The bunk looked rather luxurious, having silky sheets and a warm blanket woven out of taun-taun fur. How... naturalistic, she thought, running her fingers over the blanket. When she touched it, she realized why Tavion must have liked it. It felt soothing and warm to her fingertips, and she felt the urge to lay down and wrap herself up in it.

But she didn't. She had other things to do right now. She walked over to the opposite side of the room and looked down at the desk. It was covered with odds and ends, but a single datapad caught her eye. She picked it up and began to read. Why, this must be Tavion's journel, she thought, staring at it with interest. She walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it and proceeded to read.

When Jaden had first seen Tavion, she had sensed that the woman was very powerful. Shortly after Tavion escaped with Rosh, Kyle had told her all about how she had worked for a Dark Jedi called Desann, and how he had spared her when he faced her battle. My master was always weak, Jaden though, scowling. But he did have his uses, before I killed him. He did teach me about the Force, and now I am more powerful than he will ever be.

She continued to read through the journel, and found out many things about Tavion she had never known before. Reading this was like catching a glimpse of the woman's heart and soul, the way she thought, and what her life had been like. Jaden read about her past life, and found out what she had been before she entered into Desann's service.


Tavion had been a smuggler and a mercenary. Her parents had died when she was a young teenager, and she was eager to go off and make a living for herself. It seemed that the easiest way to make a living was to make a lot of money, even if it meant doing illegal deeds. And she made a lot of money.

When she was about twenty, everyone knew her face, and they knew her name, Rimma. She had become quite talented in hiding, and she knew that she had better not get captured because a bounty had been placed on her head.

On her twenty-first birthday, she lost everything. She was literally fleeing from a system, with all of her money and possessions onboard her shuttle. She almost got away, but her shuttle was ambushed and fired upon, sustaining too much damage. She was forced to land on one of the nearby planets, and the ships pursued her. They were probably either the system's authorities, or perhaps bounty hunters. Either way, she knew she was in trouble.

Her shuttle crashed, but she managed to escape before it burst into flames. It seemed that whoever was pursuing her, they didn't care if they got her dead or alive, because they had opened fire on her shuttle after it crashed. They must be the authorities, she thought as she made a run for it. If they were bounty hunters, the would want a body at least.

She could hear them pursuing her. Didn't take them long to send the Kath Hounds after me, she thought. She tried to run, but a blaster shot caught her in the thigh, and it caused her to fall. She knew that she was done for now, because she could already hear them surrounding her. She didn't even try to resist, or to get up. She just buried her face in the ground.

"You're under arrest," the captain said. But he didn't get the chance to say anything further.

Rimma heard the snap-hiss of a lightsaber being activated, and she heard everyone shouting and firing their blasters. A moment later, everything was silent.

Finally, she dared to look up.

It was at that moment that her life changed forever.


Jaden shut off the datapad and thought over what she had read. Desann had accepted Rimma as an apprentice, saying that he had uses for her. And Rimma had litereally started a new life that day, changing her name to Tavion, and she even chose to bear the tatoos some of the ancient Sith wore. It was said that Rimma Skye died that day, at the hands of Desann. In a way, that was the truth, for she had become Tavion, and anyone who saw her face did not recongize her as Rimma.

Jaden rose from the bunk and dropped the datapad back onto the desk.

For the first time, she became aware of the closet, which was located next to the desk. She had been so distracted by the datapad that she hadn't even noticed it. Curious, she opened the door--

--And ended up being knocked roughly across the room as pain exploded in her jaw. She found herself staring up at the ceiling, her mouth filling with blood which trickled out of the corner of her lips. She ignored the pain and got to her feet, wiping away the blood.

"So, you're the one who killed her," came a gruff voice. Then, the owner of the voice came out of the closet, sneering down at her. He was a tall, burly man, dressed in a black outfit with a hood that concealed his face. He grinned at her smugly, as if he had planned this.

"Who are you?" Jaden shouted, activated her lightsaber.

The man activated his own lightsaber, and it's fiery red blade thrummed softly. "I'm Tavion's brother. She's not the only one who trained under Desann. After Desann's death, it took me a while to find her, but then we agreed to work together. She took command of this Star Destroyer while I took command of another. My Star Destroyer was destroyed by the Republic, so I returned here... only to find that you killed my sister." He pointed. "I am taking that Sceptor, even if I have to fight you for it."

Jaden took a step forward. "I will kill you," she swore.

Then the battle began, and it was awkward in close quarters. The room was small, and it wasn't long before the table had been smashed and splintered, and the bunk had been slashed a few times by the lightsaber. It was unavoidable to damage the furniture when battling in such a small room.

But the fight only lasted a few minutes at most. Jaden's opponent made the first mistake, and she neatly removed the hand his lightsaber was in. Then she plunged her saber blade into his chest, and watched with satisfaction as he grunted and fell to his knees, gasping and coughing.

He looked up at her, his eyes gleaming with open hatred.

"Tell me," Jaden purred, smiling down at him in triumph, "if you're really Tavion's brother, why didn't her journel mention you?"

He coughed. "B-because I deleted her entries," he managed to gasp. "I deleted every reference of me. I wanted you to read it, to know something about the person you killed." He sighed. "She always said I was weak, too sentimental," he muttered quietly, almost too quietly for her to hear. "Probably why I lost my Star Destroyer. I was always too quick to show compassion, to show mercy."

"And for that weakness," Jaden said, gloating, "you'll die." She took out her lighsaber and removed his head.

Then she sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed... what was left of it. I guess I'll have to get another room now, or at least replace the furniture, she thought. She got up and accessed the intercom, calling the bridge. "There's a mess down here in my quarters that needs to be cleaned up," she said.

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