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Well people, here's the next chapter ... i think its safe to say that it's longer than the first


With only T3 to accompany him, Revan found that it could be very depressing indeed while travelling through the seeming endless reaches of space.

Meditating seemed the only to pass the time, so Revan could only be found in his dorm whenever T3 might be looking for him. During meditation, T3 came whistling and beeping into the dorm,

“Not long now T3” Revan said, without opening his eyes “Go check if you want to”

T3 left, whistling along the way.
The he heard it. The same sound. The same whisper. “Concentrate” Revan muttered to himself. Gathering his thoughts and determination all on this echo, he finally managed to find out where the echo originally came from.

Ten minutes later, Revan was standing in the main chamber looking for the planet, which he saw, when searching for the echo.

“Interesting, T3 … Are you sure there’s nothing there”

There was a positive response of beeps.
Why is there an echo coming from nothing? He asked this question over and over in his head but Revan knew he would not be able to answer this question even if he tried for hours on end.
Then it hit him.
“T3, I’ve got a job for you.


“Listen T3, I need you to go on ahead to Peragus, get the fuel and return to Corusant to the Jedi temple …to Bastilla … tell her to make sure Carth does his new job well, and keep the Republic strong, because I got a feeling it will be needing its strength soon enough” He said “Oh, and if she asks you how I know about Carth, say … I got my ways”. He added smiling.

“Deet Dweep Dwooooooooo?”

“I Know where I have to go now … I know what I have to do … There is a terrible threat ready to strike and cripple the Republic unless I do something … and ive got a feeling I know where to start looking … But no matter what … do not tell anybody where I have gone not even … just don’t tell anyone ok”
T3 obeyed his master, but he didn’t like it at all.

“Thanks T3, don’t worry, ill come back … I don’t know when but I will”

With that Revan left T3 and proceeded to the cargo hold, where he stored a ship just small enough to fit, he got in and used the Force to flick a button he and T3 installed and felt the floor beneath him collapse. He ignited the ships boosters and plotted a course, he did not know how he knew the exact coordinates, but he did. The stars began to blur in front of him and there was a seconds slow down, and then he was pushed forward at light speed and into hyperspace.
Carth Onasi, Admiral of the Republic fleet and co-saviour of the galaxy. Five years had past since that glorious day of victory over the Sith Lord Malak, but Carth knew he would never forget that day. As he looked down at Citadel Station on Telos, he took in all the work they have put into restoring the destroyed city, admiring all of her beauty. Suddenly, his com. went off.

“Admiral Onasi here”

“Its me Jolee, just thought I better tell you, that were getting ready to leave.”

“Wait there, ill be right there” Said Carth and he hurried down to the Docking bays.
When he got to the docking bays he had to go back to his com.


“Yeah” came the voice of the old Jedi

“Heh, which docking bay are you in?”

“Were in Docking Bay 3, Sonny”

“Ok, see you in a minute”

He got to the docking bay 3 door, slid his access card through and entered.
There was Jolee and Juhani, Zaalbar and Mission, Standing by a large transport ship. Carth looked on the side and noticed it was called The Returner.

“Yes, fitting name isn’t it? Said Jolee, looking in the same direction as Carth

“Yeah … you all don’t have to go you know, we would all appreciate it if you stayed”

“Here here sonny, look at me, do I look young enough to still be doing manual labour?

“You don’t look a day over … Fifty Jolee” said Carth winking at him

“Yeah, yeah, yeah ... see? … I don’t know if that was a compliment or just you being smart”

“Seriously though … you don’t have to go”

“Nah, its best if we all went home, right Big Z?” said Mission

“Oh yeah, I forgot a kid got homesick after a while”

“Don’t start that again Carth, Big Z and I are going back to Taris to help with the re-building," Said Mission "you know they still haven’t fixed it all up yet”.
Carth noticed the slight notion in her voice that she was hurt.

“I’m sorry Mission, I didn’t mean it like that, and I shouldn’t be saying anything … I know how you feel” Carth said, making a waving gesture with his hand.

“I know you didn’t Carth, it’s all good … but we can’t stay, we would if we could right Big Z?”
Zaalbar gave his roar of agreement

“But we’ll still see each other you know … we will come back here and your going to visit Taris aren’t you?” Mission said this, not only to Carth, but to Jolee and Juhani as well

“Of course” they all said in unison

“Now that’s all settled, we better get going” said Jolee

“Right” said Carth “Well, Bye”

He was responded by another three parting words, and the roar of a wookiee.
There were the last waves of the hands and they were boarded on The Returner and it took off out of the Bay and out into the known galaxy, leaving Carth to go back to his duties, back to his life of Admiral. For the time being.
The tall towers of Corusant gleamed in the evening sun. The small freighters, transports and gliders going about as they always did.
The Jedi Temple stood in the mist of all this, the waters of the fountain ran quietly … but if you listened, you could hear the soft echo’s bouncing from wall to wall which were produced by the small droplets of water.

A top the fourth spire of this temple, in the Jedi council chamber, stood a lone Jedi knight, the soft breeze flowing through the rooms, making her cloak ripple.
She stood looking out towards the unstopping city beneath her. Pondering where he could be now … it had been five years, yet still no, sign or word from him. Where did they Prodigal Knight go, why did the Saviour of the galaxy just suddenly have to leave? Why couldn’t she go with him?
These riddles, with no answer to them, kept her occupied until the time came for when she would eventually see him again … when Revan would eventually come back, if that would ever to occur.
Bastilla turned away from the window and sighed.

“Maybe I will never see him again, perhaps it is for the better he had left.”

She started to leave, but suddenly got a feeling through the Force, a presence … a presence she had not felt for quiet some time … she turned back to the window and spotted where the feeling came from, and there was a glider there. A Cathar was peering out and looking at Bastilla with a smile on her face. Juhani was back. Bastilla returned the smile and walked back down the tower steps and got in her own glider and took off to follow Juhani.
Where they were going, Bastilla did not know, but Juhani sure did … then Bastilla realised, the cantina came into view and Juhani’s glider docked into the bay, with Bastilla’s right beside her.

“Heh, tell me why I’m not surprised” said Bastilla smiling.

“Hey, it was a long trip … plus I had to endure Jolee’s tales of his youth and the distinct smell of a wookiee … I think I deserve a drink after that” Said Juhani

“You do have a point,” Said Bastilla laughing.
They got out of their gliders and headed into the cantina.

Like i said before people, the more comments i get, depending on if they are good comments or not, ill write more chapters ...

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