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Stuck On Crete

Im stuck on Crete (oviosly yes!!)

I have pic't upp the surveyor's instrument and i have found the mural diagram
in on of thew ruins.
what i dont understand is where i should put upp the surveyor's instrument?

according to a wallktrough i shall " put the instrument on the head and tail statue" where is thoose statue, i dont see them? i dont even understand if i shall find this statue inside the same ruins as the mural? or should i search for it outside by moving rocks on the ground somewhere? or is the stones i shall puch inside the acual mural room?
is thoose stones on the ground,or on a wall?

(i have read different wallktroughs and that got me even moore confused)
you see my english understanding is not the best, i wright better than understanding it (really!!) so its surprising i eaven have got this far in the game
but with easy english and - push that - use that - and most imortant where Indy shall go (in detail) to find thoose statues on crete
(cause my bad local-sense in my real life is allso expressing itself in this game LOL)
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