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TSLPatcher v1.2.7b1 Uploaded

In my ongoing effort to further complicate things, I just uploaded TSLPatcher v1.2.7b1 and ChangeEdit v1.0.4b1 which seems to work now as far as I could tell from limited testing.

This version has only one new feature, that of allowing an installer with multiple install options. Simply put it allows you to make multiple sets of changes.ini/info.rtf files and optionally new sub-folders for them and their data files, and allow the prospective Mod user to choose which of them to use for their installation. Rather than re-type it all again I'll just paste what I've written about it in the ReadMe file below, for those who might be interested:

As always bug reports and feedback is welcome.

* * *

From the ReadMe:

Quick overview
A Setup List is a way of providing more than one possible way of installing a Mod from the same Installer. It may for example be used to let the user choose to update a previously installed version of the Mod, or install it completely from scratch. Technically it will allow you to create multiple changes.ini and info.rtf files and present the user with a list of options where they pick which set to use when TSLPatcher is launched. This is configured in a separate INI format file that must always be named namespaces.ini, and be located directly in the tslpatchdata folder.

If the namespaces.ini file is present within the tslpatchdata folder a dialog box is shown when TSLPatcher (1.2.7 or later) is launched, presenting the user with a dropdown list of available installation options, and a short description of each. When the user has selected which Setup to use, the associated INI and RTF file are loaded and the main TSLPatcher window is shown like before. If the namespaces.ini file does not exist within the tslpatchdata folder, TSLPatcher will not show this dialog box and just go to the main window like it usually does.

To configure a namespaces.ini file, launch ChangeEdit.exe and choose Setup Lists from the File menu. In this submenu you can choose to either create a new namespaces.ini file, or open an existing one for editing. If you create a new one, note that it must always be named exactly namespaces.ini for the TSLPatcher to read it. A new edit window will open.

The list to the left lists all the different sets of Setup INI/RTF files present in the current namespaces.ini file. To edit an existing Setup, click it in the list, and its data will be loaded into the box on the right.

To create a new Setup, click the New... icon above the list. You will be asked to specify an identifier label for your new Setup. Like with modifier labels in changes.ini, this identifier should be unique within the namespaces.ini file and only contain alphanumerical characters or underscores and no spaces. While it will never be displayed to the user, only used internally, you should pick something that helps you remember what the setup is.

To edit the values of a selected or newly created Setup, use the input boxes in the panel to the right. The following fields are available:

Config file name - This is the name of the INI file the TSLPatcher will look in for instructions on what to do. This is usually changes.ini, but you can specify another name here if you have more than one configuration file in the tslpatchdata folder.

Info file name This is the name of the RTF format document that will be displayed in the text area in the main TSLPatcher window, usually containing the ReadMe file or special installation instructions. This is usually info.rtf, but you can pick another name for your setup if you have several in the tslpatchdata folder.

Data folder This field is optional. If left blank the TSLPatcher will look for the two above named files, as well as any data files that are to be installed, within the tslpatchdata folder as usual. If this field is set to the name of a sub-folder created within the tslpatchdata folder, TSLPatcher expects the above named INI and RTF file, along with all data files that should be installed, to be present within that folder instead of in the tslpatchdata folder.

Name This is a descriptive name of this particular setup. This text will be displayed in the dropdown menu in TSLPatcher where the user can choose which Setup to use for installation.

Description This is a short description text of this Setup, which should explain what it means. This text will be displayed in the information box in TSLPatcher when the user selects the Setup in the dropdown menu.

When you have typed in your desired values, press the Save Changes button to commit the values to the namespaces.ini file.

Important: For multiple setups that are placed in sub-folders and use nwnnsscomp.exe to recompile scripts using include files before installing them you must place the version of nwnnsscomp.exe that comes with TSLPatcher, along with an nwscript.nss file, in the tslpatchdata folder. Do not put it in the subfolder directly.


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