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(I was so bad at the dowsing rod that I used a cheat to get enough arrowheads for the cobweb duster.)

Chloe*watching tv*

Tv: We interupt this program to bring you a special announcement. Uranus is actually a planet! And robot dentist in a shower cap has created a giant machine that sucking everyone brains Oh my god! He's here! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuhhh.

chloe: Uh oh.


Loboto: muhahahaha! since I can't get the crystals I'll use these brains instead!

Sasha: You again. I was a little disappointed when Ness, Natasha and Sarah couldn't kill you. I was angry when Domino gave his life and still couldn't kill you. Now, I'm furios that you still aren't dead.

milla: Sasha, darling. remember our promise to Rioko? We let him be the one to kill loboto. Let's focus on saving the brains.

(This RPG happens around 10 years after the incidents of "another rpg". )

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