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im mad no one listens to me :P I have pre made Kotor models so I can send them to you. Only if you want Oh yea even though you models directly cannot be added you ground units can like Mandalorians if you took the skin you used for it and had a .DDS Utilities a hex editor adobe photoshop and the Meg extractor you could edit the skins of units. Possible have new units use the models of old units that use new skins ^_^.

I said this some where too. the emperor could be reskined to look like Nilhus and you could edit in unique units the the emperor uses the accuser use the DAT editor insert this string TEXT_UNIT_RAVAGER and in that string say The Ravager then change the String TEXT_UNIT_THE_ACCUSER to TEXT_UNIT_RAVAGER. Then change STAR_DESTROYER.ALO Model of the accuser to the Star Destroyer under construction Which I think is in Props_Story XML its named somthing like that.

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