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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
wow...that's a pretty big "all you have to do".... Might as well ask for ep 7-9 while we're there
No, we wouldn't. A couple of emails from the Ranch, hello?

Lucas communicates with his people all the time, how do you think they get anything done? Or a video conference call, or a letter, whatever.

Making Episodes 7-9 would costs hundreds of millions of dollars (to make them as films on par with the Prequels) at least a decade to put them together. Restarting the EU is just a state of being. I'm not saying re-create the entire EU, the EU itself wasn't created overnight, it's been building since the late 80's. This is a ridiculous objection.

Comparing Trek and SW EU is almost blasphemous Rodenberry issued no such decree when TNG or the films started. It actually would have done the Trek universe some good, as far as contunuity goes
What, that the continuity was restarted? He issued a decree that the non-live action Star Trek material was non-canon. But that didn't stop it from being made. It's still being sold and makes lots of money. Plenty of Trek fans love it, even though none of it is canon. I'm saying look outside the Star Wars box once in awhile to see what other franchises have been able to make work.

Another part of the "SW:Reloaded" theory that sucks is that it somewhat devalues some of the really great work that has been done... especially by people like Luceno and Stover(IMO). In effect by turning such a massive existing body of work into something less than it is, you're making the SW EU like ST !!

So if a work isn't considered canon it is "devalued" in your mind? So to you, it matters a great deal if a work is considered part of the official timeline. Your enjoyment of it decreases if it isn't? That's interesting.

So when you read Thrawn Trilogy now, is it less enjoyable since maybe 35% of it has been retconned? When you read it you're not supposed to consider those parts canon, but look to newer sources to explain away the inconsistencies with the prequels and special editions now.

Did you enjoy Star Wars Infinities? It's not canon, after all.

Anyway, my point is that unless your enjoyment of a work is dependant on its being canon, this really isn't a valid objection to it being decanonized by itself. Other franchises have non-canon works that are very popular and profitable among the fanbase.

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