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"War. War never changes....."
Thus begings the greatest into every to grace my computer screen. If you don't reconize it, its from Fallout 2 for the PC. Its part of a 2 part into, the other half being just as good. Louis Armstong sings "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" as we are shown comical 1950's style footage of how to servive in the post-apocalyptic world. The music and the animation work amazingly together!

I also have to mention the intro for Oblivion. Patrick Stewart is great and gives a wonderful performance. The music is simply amazing. When you hear it, you just get drawn into the adventure that awaits you. This is one into, no matter how many times I play, I always watch.

The into for Dungeons and Drangons Online is wonderful too. Its a shame the game dosen't quite do it justice, but the into is still top notch with beautiful animation and voice acting.

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