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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
In my opinion electric razors suck @$$. Blades are the only way to go. I've never tried that kind before because I'm afraid I my slice my neck open or something. I just use the other kind with 2 or 3 blades. Face feels smother than a baby's behind.
In my experience electrics have never given me a nice smooth face. I find myself having to go over and over it again until I give in and finish with a blade. F***in's electric razors.
I just started with a pure straight edge, and have been pretty impressed. Way less pull and irritation than any gillette I ever tried, I got setup basically for life for under $100, and hey, without a little danger, what fun would life be? :P

Anyone who's interested in a straight, check out Great guys hooked me up no prob.

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