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Originally Posted by Darth_Torpid-PG
Sorry I've not stopped in for a while, but E3 has us hopping, not to mention working on the project we will be showing there.

The map editor is in QA now. We will likely release an update/balance patch very soon, followed closely after by the editor. There's still some documentation to write up to support the editor while it is in QA, and I've been working on a doc to explain the XML story scripting system (it's a bit strange, and I'm the only one that seems to understand it fully ) I've been told it should be out before E3, but as always I will refrain from giving an exact date because it's out of my hands.

I will also offer this bit to chew on...some of you want us to go forward in time for an expansion, some of you want to go backwards. What if we went sideways? That is, of course, assuming that we actually were working on an expansion.
I'm sorry but an expansion in my mind is just another way for lucasarts to extract money from another source.
Give out the mod tools and let other people deal with things like expanisions without being the capitalistic, money-loving people we all know and love at lucas arts
You're love of money forces you to bring out products that are unsatisfactory to the market.
If you had done the job right the first time, i see no reason for an official expansion.
Good luck on getting people to buy it
There are a billion other mods for people to try instead of your "official" crap.
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