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I've been fascinated with them ever since I saw "The Wizard of Oz" as a kid. In 4th grade, I wanted to be a meteorologist when all my other girl friends wanted to be homemakers (nothing wrong with that, btw), teachers, or nurses--the 'traditional' women's occupations. I actually wrote a fan letter to the local TV meteorologist (who took the time to write me back!). When the tornado sirens go off, that's my cue to go outside, not to the basement. I'd like to go on a tornado chase vacation, although I've been informed it'd be over my husband's dead body, so I guess that probably will never happen. He said something about worrying to death about me getting injured or killed while going on The Great Hunt for Twisters and I don't want that to happen. You learn to make these compromises in marriage.

However, given the unusually severe weather that Li'adin experiences, an F5 tornado would not be an unusual occurrence, and I thought it'd be something different from dodging asteroids. I didn't create the planet's weather problems to specifically include tornadoes, however. I don't mind the dodging asteroids thing, I just don't want to see the concept made stereotypical by doing it into the ground. The fact that I like these storms made it even better.

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