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I'm also fan of the new BSG Series and own Season 1 and 2 (in fact only the 1st half of the second season : ( until EP "Pegasus") aldready on DVD and watched it all through in some days, because it can b very boring, seeing it only once a week, and I'm very impressed of the depth of BSG, the many turnarrounds and the fact that there is almost noone of the characters that can be trusted. In Favourite I love the performance of John Callis (weird Doctor Gaius Baltar) and that blonde woman. It is absolutely amazing how this is played. Also, how things can go, when mankind is decimated. Also funny the guestpart of Richard Hatch as ****face Sarek.

Yeah and I'm hardly waiting for the DVD continuing. I'm in central europe, hope it will soon come (???).

I also loved Babylon 5 . Hope for some continuing Star Wars stuff as I also read and buy comics (Empire / Clonewars) and think that there would b lot of material to be filmed.
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