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Well here is the next chapter anyway , as i said post if you like, post if you dont like


Revan pulled out of hyperspace and arrived to a vast nothingness. He didn’t understand, this is where he had heard the echo being emitted. He looked around once more, just to see if he had missed anything … there was nothing.

“What the hell is going on?” said Revan getting frustrated. But then a thought occurred to him … maybe.
He closed his eyes, emptied his mind and allowed himself to be opened up to the Force. He did not hear an echo, but he heard a voice … a voice that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

“Ahh … you have come Revan … I had thought that my attempts to bring you here had become attempts in vain … but I am grateful I was wrong”

“Who are you?” said Revan

“Who am I? Why I am your death Revan, you are known as the ‘Prodigal Knight’, but soon that will not matter. You once followed our religion, you dared to call yourself one of us, you, and Malak.”

“ Don’t know if you heard … but Malak is dead, I killed him” said Revan

“Malak was weak!” spat the Voice “he knew nothing of power, that was his downfall, his death was inevitable. As is yours, prepare to die Revan”.
Grey fog started to build in front of Revan’s ship, as much as he wanted to leave, he couldn’t … something was holding him back … he just gazed at the sight what was forming in front of him.
The fog, which was thick as snow in a blizzard … cleared away as fast as it had appeared ... but something else was left in its wake.
A planet
The whole planet seemed to be covered in a dark aura, Revan could sense the taint, which was of the dark side. He went to turn his ship around, not thinking it would be such a wise idea to go down on the planet without help … but was jolted forward and lunged towards the planet. Nothing he could do would stop the ship from going towards the planet; he couldn’t use the force to direct the ship.
Faster and faster he accelerated, the clouds of mist and into the atmosphere of the planet, mountains came closer and trees started to form out of the great green blur in front of him.
As he was going down, Revan spotted something in the distance, it looked like a large tower of sorts, atop a mountain in the distance.
Revan knew what was going to happen … he could stop it … with all the things he had done in his life, all the things which he had wanted to do … all would be lost.
He started to think of Carth, Jolee, Juhani … Bastilla.

“No” he said to himself “I am not going to die”, a new feeling had swelled up in his chest, the feeling of knowing that he might lose the thing most precious to him, was death itself. He didn’t want that to happen.
With that … the ship crashed into the planets surface.
T3 wondered he his old master was at the moment. It had been three months since Revan had left him to go where he needed to, but T3 had not yet heard from him since then. He had got the fuel from Peragus, but it was an eventful stop. He had got attacked by what looked like a Republic vessel, got attacked by a fellow droid, and gained a new master. The Ebon Hawk also accompanied a new crew.
The was a scoundrel, Atton … for some reason though Atton didn’t seem to like T3 very much, he couldn’t understand Attons hatred towards him, because he got told to shut up or leave the cockpit many times.
There was a old woman, T3 didn’t like her much at all, when ever his new master was alone with her for a period of time, he would come back looking sickened, tired and old … but his new master was still very young … a HK droid also accompanied them also … he was very violent towards other people, not just to droids.
His new master was most referred as The Exile, but he was also called Jonas..
Once, T3 was able to be alone enough for him to send a message to Bastilla, telling her about Revans departure from him, and telling her to make sure Carth did his job well.

“How does he know about Carth?” she said bewilded

“Deet Dee Deep Dweet De Dwoo”

“Hmm … yes I’m sure he does have his ways” Said a smiling Bastilla. “ Thankyou very much for this information T3 but I must leave you … ill make sure to tell Carth what you have told me just now … I was planning to pay him a visit anyway seen as though it has been a while”.

“Deep Dee Dwooo Deet”
Yes, ill tell everybody that you said Hi” she said smiling” Goodbye T3”, and with that, Bastilla’s holo image flickered then disappeared.

“Ahh …” came a familiar voice of a HK unit “it seems that the Navicomputer on this ship has been voice-locked …”
Kashyyyk came into view as The Returner came out of hyperspace.

“Ahh … home” said Jolee “ its been too long of a gap since my hermit days”
The Returner touched down on the landing pad and the exit ramp lowered allowing Jolee to descend out of the ship. He passed through the city of Rwookrrorro, receiving roars of appreciation as he walked the now Cerka-free pathways. He finally reached the lift, which would take him down to the Shadowlands.

“Welcome back Jolee” greeted the Wookiee “I’m surprised to see you back here, I thought you would have stayed with the fellow humans”.

“No, this is home” said Jolee, looking around as they descended.
Despite its reputation, Jolee loved the quiet life in the Shadowlands, offcourse you’d have to deal with the occasional Kath Hound or Kinrath, but other than that, there was no disturbance at all.

“I hope to see you again Jolee” the wookiee roared as they came to a halt.

“ You will old friend, I plan to stay” replied Jolee
The lift started to ascend, and with a last wave, Jolee turned and headed down the path, which would take him to his hut. But something strange was going on … there was dead Kinrath and the like littering the grounds around him.

“Hmm … now who would dare to leave me out on all of this fun?” said Jolee looking around as he walked
He walked around a corner and his log-like hut came into view

“ Well isn’t this a sight for sore eyes” he said to himself

He walked to the door, opened and with a last look at the surroundings … entered … but he suddenly got the distinct feeling through the Force, when he closed the door that he was not the only person in his hut.

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