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I have mixed feelings because I know the excellent work these guys have done in the past, but it seems like they made some poor choices with this one. I'm not sure if that was Petroglyph's fault, or due to the wishes of LA, or both. After playing games like Civ4, GalCiv2, and Rome:TW, I just feel like a large part of EaW was left out in an attempt to over-simplify it. Kinda like episode I, when they tried to make it appeal to a younger crowd by adding Jar-Jar Binks as comic relief. In the end, the bulk of the fan base shunned episode I, and I think I've seen much of the same kind of comments about EaW. So, if Petroglyph intends to make kiddie games that would be better suited for consoles, then I say TAKE AWAY THE LICENSE. On the other hand, if the x-pack, or sequel to EaW can make the game what it could have been in the first place, then I'll support Petro. I say we wait and see more than just thier first game. I DO like the way Petro has been so active with the community.

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