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Well maybe we should start promoting your site or something.

Scott St. Jean was his name, and yeah, thought he's on my ICQ list he hasn't replied to my PM's for many years. He left when he took a job that left him no time to work on the stuff. Nice guy though! I just hate to see stuff left unfinished (even though I'm as guilty of that as the next person). Anyway, I'll check out your site. If you ever feel like quitting though, let me know and we'll try and preserve it.

A lot of sites have existed with strategy over the years, it's just that they are on those cheesy free hosts usually and disappear after a year or two.

The MSN Gaming Zone is shutting down? Well, the MSN Gaming Zone wasn't that good to begin with, but it was the main online support for a lot of its games, thus being the virtual nail in the coffin for many of them without it. I imagine Microsoft probably sees more money in the console arena, now that they have XBox Live! for two consoles to contend with (Xbox 360 and all that jazz).

Well at least it's good to know that there's true fans of these games still out there willing to work on stuff. Too bad that other guy's JK site had warez on it, otherwise I'd think you guys should have teamed up!

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