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Chapter 4


Lightsaber blades clashed, hissing and smoking, throwing off a slight smell of ozone.

Jaden had ambushed Kyle as her former master had made his way toward the entrance of the Imperial base. Flanked by the two Reborns who had accompanied her, she managed to get Kyle surrounded from three sides.

"Jaden!" Kyle had exclaimed upon seeing her.

"I'm not Jaden," she had hissed in reply. "I'm Darth Eviwy." Then she'd gestured the Reborns to step back, and she attacked Kyle aggressively with her lightsaber.

And they kept at it for several minutes. Eviwy delivered blow after blow, fighting with skill and swift reflexes, moving so quickly that Kyle couldn't afford to make any counter moves. He was too busy blocking all of her blows.

Finally, Kyle made a slip in his defense and Jaden removed his arm. He cried out sharply, and Eviwy took advantage of his distraction to kick him in the midsection. He grunted and doubled over, then collasped.

"I must say I'm surprised to see you here, 'master'," she taunted. She grabbed him roughly and rolled him over so that he was flat on his back, forced to look up at her. Her teeth flashed in a gloating smile, and she put her lightsaber near his throat.

"Jaden," Kyle said, his voice rasping, "you don't want to do this."

"And why not?"

"Because Luke and I still sense good in you. There is still a chance that you can resist the Dark Side. If you do this, there will be no turning back. Please, put away your lightsaber!"

"Save your words," Eviwy snarled. She raised her lightsaber and plunged the blade into his chest.

Just then, a ship appeared above them, and opened fire. Eviwy and the Reborns knew they couldn't hope to deflect blaster turrents, not when they were coming from a ship. They retreated, headed in the direction of the Imperial Compound, where they would surely get reinforcements.


Jan brought the Raven's Claw down for a landing, then rushed to the exit and leaped out of the ship. She ran to Kyle's side, panting breathlessly. "Kyle, are you all right?" She asked.

He coughed. "I think... I think I was lucky," he managed to rasp. "She didn't hit anything vital, I don't think."

"She got you in the chest," Jan said. "That's serious enough."

"I mean, she didn't hit my heart, or my lungs. Seems like she just wanted to frighten me, or cause some pain--"

"We can talk about this later," Jan said, helping him to his feet. She put one of his arms across the back of her shoulders, and he leaned heavily against her. "We've gotta get out of here, before they send all they've got after us."

"By the time we get out of here it may be too late," Kyle said. "You took a big risk, Jan. You should have just left--"

"I couldn't do that," Jan said. "Come on, we'll get out of here. Then we need to get you to a bacta tank."
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