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Originally Posted by Darth54
Unless I'm wrong (and I am pretty sure that I am not), SW games don't really sell better than others. In fact, because of past failures, they might sell even less.
And you're not wrong either. The only thing that makes Star Wars survive is the fact that it's Star Wars. I don't they sell any less because of past failures. The advantage they have is an established franchise as opposed to new ones that need to create a fanbase. Star Wars games will always have fans.

I voted maybe, I'd like to see more but I think Petroglyph has done a decent job with E@W. Yes, it's simplistic and some more "hardcore" RTS players have not been happy. As true as this is, I don't think having a more complex game is the way of the future. Does that mean that they will make kiddy games? I don't think so. Elitists will always make this claim, but is it true? Is an Unreal Tournament player more "kiddy" then a Rainbow Six (except for Lockdown) player?
Both will have different skills in different departments. I think it's the same with E@W and the other RTS. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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