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Originally Posted by Athanasios
I would suggest to work closely with Mike, so that you break Lua till the end. So that we can even compile models too.

Yet, in the meanwhile, you can upload what's you've done. Just mind to post this to PFF forums too, there are people interested for this there too!
Agreed, just waitng for a response. luadec has some internal problems, so I am looking into the actual structure of tokenized lua now to see if it's easier to start over or attempt to fix luadec.

From my perspective, luadec is more complicated than it needs to be (it appears as though it actually attempts to walk the code by pseudo-executing it, which is, uh, not the way I'd do it...).

As I mentioned before, I've written several deompilers so I am quite familiar with how to get one up and running quickly, and correctness is the most important thing for a decompiler IMO, and luadec still bails on some simple valid structures (which I just noticed the failure messages in a few of the files I decompiled - although 13 failures out of 260 isn't _that_ horrible for our purposes).
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