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Originally Posted by toms
A god who created the wonderous system that is evolution is much more impressive than a childish god who created te world in seven days in his playpen.
I don't think doing it either way makes God 'more impressive' as both ways are equally easy to infinite power. I think the question that should be asked the proponents of ID is this: do you trust God to tell you the truth? Faking the evidence is exactly what God is accused of by those who hold to ID/Young Earth creationism/etc, and I don't understand how they can truly have faith without the absolute trust that comes from knowing that he will not lie to you. My opinion is that God does not lie. If he did, what reason would you have to believe him on anything else? You'd be stuck with Pascal's Wager, and that has severe problems with an omniscient god.

@ET: I'll have to see about that book.
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